New Home Construction Services in Jacksonville, FL

A family discussing new home construction in Jacksonville, FLNew home construction is on the rise across the nation and Jacksonville, FL is no exception. When you’re ready to buy a new home, it can be a big undertaking, but when you have an experienced buyer’s agent on your side all of the details will be handled professionally and completely. Your agent is there to communicate with everyone involved in closing the sale. This eliminates the hassle for you and makes your new home-buying experience much less stressful.

Tips for Buying New Home Construction

  • Use a buyer’s agent to represent you
  • Ask questions about your rights and removal of contingencies
  • Find out what materials were used to build the house
  • Choose your upgrades carefully and make sure you submit your requests within the time frame specified by the builder
  • Get information about the builder and their reputation. Ask about their inventory, and whether it’s being sold to home owners that will occupy the home or investors who might be renting it out.
  • Get a home inspection, even though you are buying new, there may issues that need to be addressed before you sign on the dotted line
  • Talk to the neighbors in the area to understand the construction in the area. Is your new home in line with the other homes?

Do You Need a Buyer’s Agent?

Buyers Agent for New Home Construction Jacksonville, FL When you’re looking at new construction, you may wonder if you really need a buyer’s agent. Your agent negotiates for you with the builder and helps you understand your options. Many times, the buyer’s agent fee is paid for by the sellers or builders, but you get the benefit of the agent’s experience and knowledge of the market. In addition, the buyer’s agent acts as your fiduciary and is responsible for acting in your best interest. It saves you time and headaches, by helping you sort through the MLS, writing up offers, ensuring contracts are done correctly and delivering money.

Get More Information About Buying a New Home

I have an extensive listing of new homes in Jacksonville, FL and homes under pre-construction in St. Augustine, FL. Typically, only a small percentage of the new homes for sale are actually advertised for sale. As your buyer’s agent, I can help you find the best deal for your needs and budget within the neighborhood of your choice. Take the next step toward the home of your dreams by describing the home you’re looking for and letting me help you find the right property.

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